Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Department of Civil and Mining Engineering


Reinforced soil is a comparatively new technique for modification of strength characteristics of soil. This technique has been adopted in construction of many types engineering structures such as retaining walls, bridge abutments, foundations, dams and embankments. In recent years, application of reinforced earth have been developed in marine environment for coastal protection, wharf and harbour structures. This thesis evaluates the behaviour of reinforced earth wall when used as a coastal protection structure or as a wharf or harbour structure. For this purpose, the effects of marine environmental factors such as saturation, submergence, changing water level and sea wave loading on the strength and behaviour of reinforced soil wall were investigated. The results of these investigations were then employed to develop the design procedures and a computer program for design optimisation of reinforced earth marine wall. Also, the behaviour of reinforced soil wall in dry condition was investigated, a new theory presented for calculation of ultimate strength of reinforced earth element, and a new formula was proposed for internal analysis of reinforced earth wall. The study was done by conducting comprehensive theoretical, numerical and experimental investigations