Degree Name

Master of Information Systems (Research)


School of Management and Marketing - Faculty of Commerce


The main question asked in this study is what are the perceived information needs of clinical professionals working in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) that can usefully be accommodated with a Web-based Information Service? The study seeks to examine the perceptions of the service provision over a period of time during which the Web-based Information Systems (WBIS) was introduced.

This study aims to compare the views of two key groups of individuals that is the Professional end-users in ICUs as well as the WBIS Development Team in regards to the perceived usefulness of a Health Information Service over a 9 month period.

This thesis then is seeking to identify the efficient solutions using the Q-methodology and Activity Theory to improve the WBIS and communication within and among ICUs and to provide easy access for users.

The approach taken here is to obtain guidance from users on the additional growth paths the WBIS can take, which may include new features and functions in order to encourage, attract and provide better service to clinical and public users who require access to ICU related information.

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