Theatre Australia
Theatre Australia: Australia's magazine of the performing arts 2(1) May 1977

Theatre Australia: Australia's magazine of the performing arts 2(1) May 1977

Robert Page, Editor
Lucy Wagner, Editor
Bruce Knappett, Associate Editor


Contents: Guide What to see and where to see it3 Quotes and Queries 6 Comment 2 Theatre Forum Professionals get to vote; you get to guess the winners 8 Focus on South Australia On the Festival Centre by Kevon Kemp and George Molnar 10 Ruth Cracknell Profile: Just Ruth by Colin George et al. 13 Deadly Accurate — that’s Cracknell by Kevon Kemp. 15 The South Australian Theatre Company by Peter Ward 16 George Ogilvie and Colin George by Kevon Kemp 20 Australians worst enemies are other Australians by Ron Blair 23 Don Dunstan Speaking Out to Tony Baker 25 Features Now where were we up to Sally? Filmmaker Gill Armstrong looks at an actors’ director 27 Directed by Ken G. Hall. Extracts from his forthcoming autobiography 65 Playscript Jack Hibberd’s The Overcoat 35 An underview by Tim Robertson 36 Underview 2 by Malcolm Robertson 37 Ballet Interview with Graeme Murphy 32 The Australian Dance Theatre by William Shoubridge 72 International Lively trends in Poland by Bogdan Gieraczynski 69 Theatre Reviews The Elocution of Benjamin Franklin Roger Pulvers 47 Lust for Power Maria Prerauer 48 Travesties Bob Ellis 49 The Pleasure of His Company Norman Kessell 50 You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown Alison Jones 51 What the Butler Saw Robert Page 52 Next/ Brylcreme and Maggot Pies Rex Cramphorn 53 Hobson’s Choice Richard Fotheringham 54 Dangerous Corner Don Batchelor 55 The Department Margot Luke 56 A t War with Shaw Cliff Gillam 57 Same Time Next Year Ted Knez 58 Macbett Michael Morley 59 Ravages Suzanne Spunner 60 The School for Scandal Jack Hibberd 61 The Fall Guy Garrie Hutchinson 63 Leading Lady Raymond Stanley 64 Opera La Belle Helene David Gyger 74 Records Britten’s parables and the return to ritual by Roger Covell Film Eliza Fraser Barry Lowe Books Five Plays for Stage, Radio and Television