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Contents: Theatre Guide 2 Quotes and Queries 4 Letters to the Editor 4 Spotlight 6 Stan Marks Maggie Millar Calls For National Theatre 7 Reviews Garrie Hutchinson Other Times 8 Suzanne Spunner Still Life 9 John Smythe Chidley 10 Ron Finney The Misanthrope 13 Collin O'Brien Mixed Doubles 14 Rex Cramphorn The Magistrate 16 Norman Kessell Gaslight, The Star-Spangled Girl 17 Guthrie Worby Happy Landings 19 Michael Morley El Grande De Coca Cola 20 Playscript Alma de Groen Chidley 22 Director's Diary Garrie Hutchinson A Critical Direction 38 Theatre Organisations Melbourne Monolith Raymond Stanley From Origins to Athenaeum40 Ian Robinson Two Companies Or One? 42 M.T.C. Head John Sumner Talks to Stan Marks43 Australian Currents Patricia Brereton Sydney Celebrates36 John Smythe That's Entertainment 44 Theatre Buildings Margot Hilton Country Arts Centres 47 International Solrun Hoaas Norwegian Parallels 48 Opera David Gyger How To Handel Opera's Future.50 William Shoubridge Onegin 52 I.T.I. News 55 Books Helen van der Poorten The Stage Lighting Handbook 56


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Reproduced with permission of creator and editor Robert Page. Digitised from the collections of the University of Wollongong Library.

Theatre Australia: National Performing Arts Magazine 1(6) January-February 1977