Theatre Australia
Theatre Australia: Australia's National Theatre Magazine 1(5) October-November 1976

Theatre Australia: Australia's National Theatre Magazine 1(5) October-November 1976

Robert Page, Editor
Bruce Knappett, Editor
Lucy Wagner, Editor


Contents: Theatre Guide 2 Quotes and Queries 4 Letters to the Editor 5 Spotlight 6 Katharine Brisbane Australian National Playwrights Conference 7 Reviews Jack Hibberd City Sugar 9 John Smythe Cascando, Finger on the Trigger, Peer Gynt 10 Garrie Hutchinson A Stretch of the Imagination, The Dudders 12 Don Batchelor And The Big Men Fly 13 Richard Fotheringham How Could You Believe Me? 14 Roger Pulvers Cabaret, Dirty Linen 15 Maria Prerauer Tarantara! Tarantara! 16 Rex Cramphorn California Suite 17 Dorothy Hewett A Handful of Friends 18 Barry Eaton Connelli at the Palace, Dead Eyed Dicks 20 Katharine Brisbane Rookery Nook, Here Comes the Nigger 21 Michael Morley Malfi 22 Collin O'Brien Arsenic and Old Lace 24 Playscript Dorothy Hewett The Beautiful Mrs Portland Act II 26 Film, TV and Radio Bruce Beresford Don's Party - From Play to Film 32 Australian Currents Graeme Blundell Don's Party - Then and Now 34 Jim Sharman, Rex Cramphorn Directors' Dialogue 38 Marlis Thiersch Women in Australian Theatre Part II 40 Playwright Stan Marks Another Summer. Another Doll 42 Carole Skinner The Character of Olive 44 I.T.I. News 45 International Al B. Weiner American Line Up 46 Theatre in Education Peter Wilkins A Sense of Involvement 48 Technical Alan Lees Designers' Difficulties 50 Amateur Robert Levis Bringing in the Professionals 52 Opera David Gyger Capital Opera 54 Books Helen van der Poorten Handful of Palaces 56