Theatre Australia
Theatre Australia: Australia's National Theatre Magazine 1(4) November-December 1976

Theatre Australia: Australia's National Theatre Magazine 1(4) November-December 1976

Robert Page, Editor
Bruce Knappett, Editor
Lucy Wagner, Editor


Contents: Theatre Guide 2 Quotes and Queries 4 Letters to the Editor 5 Spotlight Stan Marks Graeme Blundell Speaks his Mind 6 Tony Staley The Minister on the Arts 7 Reviews John Smythe Albert Names Edward 9 Louis Nowra On His Use of Language 11 Jack Hibberd Private Lives, Canterbury Tales 12 Game Hutchinson The Gift 14 Don Batchelor Lysistrata 15 Richard Fotheringham Children's Day 16 John Tasker The Season at Sarsaparilla 17 Rex Cramphorn Men Without Shadows 18 Barry Eaton A Tribute to Ten Years 19 William Shoubridge N.S.W. Theatre of the Deaf, Canadian Mime Lindsay Kemp 20 Katharine Brisbane A Toast to Melba 21 Collin O'Brien The Maids 23 Guthrie Worby And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little 24 Playscript Dorothy Hewett The Beautiful Mrs Portland 26 Playwright Barry Eaton Reprieve That Refreshes.34 Helen van der Poorten Look What They've Made Her Do 36 Rodney Fisher A Tatty Show 38 Theatre Organisation Raymond Stanley The Firm Phoenix 40 Ian Buckland Kenn Brodziak — A Personal Profile 42 Australian Currents An Economist's View of the I.A.C. Report 45 Marlis Thiersch Women In Australian Theatre 46 I.T.147 Technical Kenneth Scholz Fire! And Your Safety48 Film, TV and Radio David Chandler The Mind's Ear 50 Theatre in Education Jonathon Hardy Programme and Protest 52 Janys Hayes53 Amateur John Smythe Theatre of Themselves 54 Ballet William Shoubridge Dance of Death? 56 Opera David Gyger Long Shadow of G & S 57 Books Helen van der Poorten Critical Crossfire 59.