Theatre Australia
Theatre Australia: Australia's magazine of the performing arts 4(1) August 1979

Theatre Australia: Australia's magazine of the performing arts 4(1) August 1979

Robert Page, Editor
Lucy Wagner, Editor


Contents: Departments: 2 Comment 3 Quotes and Queries 5 Whispers, Rumours and Facts 6 Letters 46 Guide — Theatre, Opera, Dance Spotlight: 7 Carol Burns — Suzanne Spunner 8 Youthful Dancers Make Box-Office Waves — David K Wheatley 9 Cooke’s Cordon Bleu Tours — Ray Stanley 10 Theatre of the Deaf— Ian Watson Features: 11 A-Polo Gies for MTCee-ats — Barry Dickins 12 From Theatre to Film — Christine Schofield 14 Sydney's Lost Theatres Part One — Ross Thorne 17 TA Enquiry: Big Business and the Arts Pt 2 — Do we need A. R. T.S. 35 Writer’s View: Roger Pulvers 37 Children’s Theatre: Children in Children's Theatre International: 33 Dances of Death in London — Irving Wardle Opera: 39 Three AO openings; QLO duo; and Seymour single — David Gyger Dance: 41 Wildstars — William Shoubridge Theatre Reviews: 19 ACT Wind in the Willows — Marguerite Wells A Handful of Friends — Marguerite Wells 21 NSW Tribute — John McCallum From Laughing About the World to Living with the World/ The Caucasian Chalk Circle/Galileo — Mick Rodger How Sleep the Brave — Anthony Barclay 25 QLD Gone with Hardy/Travesties — Richard Fotheringham A Man for all Seasons/The Merry Wives of Windsor — Jeremy Ridgr 27 SA Departmental — Guthrie Worby 28 VIC Miss Julie — Jack Hibberd Uncle Vanya — Garrie Hutchinson 30 WA Three Sisters/Gay Plays — Collin O’Brien Film: 43 Dimboola/Sydney Film Fest — Elizabeth Riddell Books: 45 The World of Theatre, Wit and Williams — John McCallum 48 Thespia’s Prize Crossword No. 14