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Contents: Theatre Guide 2 Quotes and Queries 4 Letters to the Editor 5 Reviews Game Hutchinson Diary of a Madman, The Overcoat.7 Jack Hibberd What the Butter Saw8 John Smythe A Handful of Friends10 Katharine Brisbane A Handful of Friends. 12 Collin O'Brien AC/DC14 Don Batchelor A Toast to Melba 15 Richard Fotheringham As You Like It 16 Roger Pulvers Kid Stakes, Equus 17 Guthrie Worby The Last of the Knucktemen 18 Lucy Wagner A Happy and Holy Occasion 20 Maria Prerauer The Beast of Belgrave Square 21 Alexander Buzo A Doll's House 22 Jill McRae Lunchtime Concert, The Lesson 23 Ron Blair Wonderwoman 24 Ron Blair The Duchess of Malfi 25 Playscript Michael Cove Family Lore 26 Australian Currents Mary Davies Dragging in the Audiences32 Alexander Buzo, Rodney Fisher, John Motyn, David Williams on Subsidy Replies . . 36 Technical Bill Redmond The Way Forward 38 Film, Television and Radio David Mitchell Putting in the Plug 40 Stan Marks Wendy Hughes 41 Theatre Buildings Richard Fotheringham S.G.I.O. Theatre 43 Theatre in Education Diana Sharpe Armidale Ambitions 46 International Solrun Hoaas, Roger Pulvers A Fresh Context 48 ITI News 49 Amateur Susan Vile Space Eight Festival 50 Ballet William Shoubridge Dance Company (NSW) 52 Opera David Gyger Better Played Second Half 54 Books Helen van der Poorten Plays of Hewett and Sherman 56


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Reproduced with permission of creator and editor Robert Page. Digitised from the collections of the University of Wollongong Library.

Theatre Australia: Australia's National Theatre Magazine 1(3) October-November 1976