Theatre Australia
Theatre Australia: Australia's magazine of the performing arts 3(5) December 1978

Theatre Australia: Australia's magazine of the performing arts 3(5) December 1978

Robert Page, Editor
Lucy Wagner, Editor


Contents: tments 2 Comment 3 Quotes and Queries 6 Noises Off 7 Whispers, Rumours and Facts 8 Letters 50 Guide — Theatre, Opera, Dance Spotlight 9 Alexander Hay on acting — Joan Ambrose 10 Joe MacColum looks back at his seven years with the Queensland Theatre Co. 11 Telethon Appeal 11 Profile: Joan Sydney — Colin O’Brien Features 12 Whose Stocking would you like to share for Christmas? 15 John Pinder — Raymond Stanley reports 17 Louis Nowra — Writer's View Playscript 35 Gone With Hardy — Act II, David Allen International 20 Random Jottings on London Theatre and Film — Alan 42 Bayreuth King — William Shoubridge Dance 46 ADT's Choreographic Worksop-— Alan Brissenden Opera Extra — Pamela Ruskin, David G^ger and William Shoubridge f wollongoni 1 Opera 41 Theatre Reviews 21 VIC Film Records Books Annie — Raymond Stanley Nygwc The Spalding Family Album — Margaret McLusky The Next Greatest Pleasure — John Bryson Liv Ullmann — Roger Pulvers The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui — Roger Pulvers Light Shining in Buckinghamshire — V. 1. Richards 25 QLD Habeas Corpus and Mothers and Fathers — Veronica Kelly Heartbreak House — Jeremy Ridgman Hamlet — Don Batchelor 27 WA A Hatful of Sykes and The Hostage — Collin O'Brien The Empire Builders — Peter Mann Rock-ola — Cliff Gillam Die Zauberflote — Derek Moore Morgan Patience — Peter Mann 30 NSW Flesh and Blood — Anthony Barclay The Lady from Maxim's — Errol Bray A Lad 'n his Lamp — Robert Page A Visit with the Family — Rex Cramphorn 33 SA Cymbeline — Michael Morley Windows and On The Edge in Search of Happiness — Bruce McKendry 47 Patrick — Elizabeth Riddell 48 Lighter listening; operetta, ballet — Roger Coveil 49 The great revealed — John McCallum 52 Thespia’s Crossword No.6