Theatre Australia
Theatre Australia: Australia's National Theatre Magazine 1(2) September-October 1976

Theatre Australia: Australia's National Theatre Magazine 1(2) September-October 1976

Robert Page, Editor
Bruce Knappett, Editor
Lucy Wagner, Editor


Contents: Theatre Guide 2, Quotes and Queries 4, Letters to the Editor 5, Reviews 7, John Smythe Halfway at Easter, Same Time Next Year 7 Jack Hibberd The Foursome 9 Garrie Hutchison Knuckle 10 Richard Fotheringham The Department 12 Collin O'Brien Last of the Knucklemen, Otherwise Engaged, Trial 14 J.S. Ryan Family Possessions 16 Ron Blair Shoemakers Holiday 17 Katharine Brisbane Man of La Mancha 18 Rex Cramphorn The Changing Room 20 Robert Page Bedfellows 21 Roger Pulvers Palach 22 Guthrie Worby Major Barbara 24 Pplayscript Jennifer Rankin Bees Act 27 Director's Casebook Richard Wherrett The Elocution of Benjamin Franklin 32 Playwright Martin Smith The Evolution of Steve J. Spears 36 Australian Currents Tom Markus Subsidy: A Case to Answer 38 Bill Redmond 7Wo Years with the Tote 40 Theatre Organisations Stanley Walsh Melodrama's Triumph or The Miller and His Men 42 Film, Television and Radio Phil Noyce Pure Shit and the Non-Professional 44 Theatre in Education Roger Chapman Relevant Theatre for Children 46 Amateurs Jane Schiller Festival of Australian Student Theatre 1976 48 International Bogdan Gieraczynski A Period of Overstrain 50 ITI News Technical Dennis Irving The Character of Australian Technology 52 Opera David Gyger John Copley, Perennial Producer 54 Books Helen van der Poorten Production Handbook /Currency Doublebill56 Classified Advertisers 56.