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Contents: Departments 2 Comment 3 Quotes and Queries 77 Guide: Theatre, Opera, Dance 5 Letters 74 Whispers, Rumours and Facts 64 International Theatre Institute Features 8 Vaudeville Follies Peter Kenna on the ‘good old days’ 14 The Head and the Heart John Gaden talks to Robert Page 17 The Tasmanian Puppet Theatrè Launt Thompson 22 The Awards 25 The Playwrights’ Conference Richard Wherrett reports 58 The Peanuts Problem David Marr on the Elizabethan Theatre Trust 57 Post-Cyclone Theatre Darwin theatre after Tracy 70 The Crystal Palace New life for Perth theatre Playscript 35 The Fall Guy: Act Two 42 Mick Rodger’s Director’s Casebook International 66 U.S.A. Study Guide 68 Don Reid on Peter Kenna’s Hard God Theatre Reviews 26 New South Wales Going Bananas The Cakeman Hamlet A Chorus Line Unspeakable Acts Puppets and Pantomime 33 A.C.T. Three Sisters Amputation 47 Queensland The Last of the Knucklemen Abelard and Heloise 49 Western Australia Travesties Otherwise Engaged 51 Victoria The Club Yesterdays News The Interview and Oscar Wilde 54 South Australia Four Plays Just Ruth All My Sons Ballet 61 William Shoubridge Opera 75 David Gyger Film 72 Elizabeth Riddell Records 73 Roger Covell Books 62 Helen van der Poorten Raymond Stanley


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Reproduced with permission of creator and editor Robert Page. Digitised from the collections of the University of Wollongong Library.

Theatre Australia: Australia's magazine of the performing arts 2(3) July 1977