Theatre Australia
Theatre Australia: Australia's magazine of the performing arts 2(2) June 1977

Theatre Australia: Australia's magazine of the performing arts 2(2) June 1977

Robert Page, Editor
Lucy Wagner, Editor
Bruce Knappett, Associate Editor


Contents: Departments 2 Comment 3 Quotes and Queries 76 Guide: Theatre, Opera, Dance 5 Letters 74 Whispers, Rumours and Facts 69 International Theatre Institute Features 8 Chorus Line A photoessay of the Sydney production by Peter Holderness with a preview by William Shoubridge 13 Cover story: Thring interviewed by Raymond Stanley 32 Floating Parachute Wilton Morley, entrepreneur, talks to Robert Page 22 Fred Schepisi Australia Focus on Tasmania 16 Hobart's Historic Theatre Royal Ross Thorne 20 The Tasmanian Theatre Company Karl Hubert 20 Small State, Big Plans John Unicomb talks to Stan Marks 30 They tell it like it was Axel Kruse Playscript 35 The Fall Guy: Act One 36 Playwright, Linda Aronson, on the drama behind the play Opera 65 Lingwood’s Crisis of Identity David Gyger International 24 New Zealand Theatre Reviews 47 Queensland The Merchant of Venice Something’s Afoot Three Queensland Plays Queensland Playwright’s Conference 50 A.C.T. Chidley 51 South Australia The Cherry Orchard Jack the Ripper 53 New South Wales Diamond Studs Double Edge The Alchemist Caesar and Cleopatra Medal of Honour Rag Alison Mary Fagan Twelfth Night 58 Western Australia Crossing Niagara Ashes Absent Friends 62 Victoria Juno and the Paycock The Painted Devil and Peter Pan Film 64 Pure Shit and Don’s Party Barry Lowe Records 73 The Real Rachmaninov? Roger Coveil Books 75 Drag Show Helen van der Poorten