Emerging Mueller matrix microscopy applications in biophysics and biomedicine

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Polarized and wide-field light microscopy has been studied for many years to develop accurate and information-rich images within a focused framework on biophysics and biomedicine. Technological advances and conceptual understanding have recently led to significant results in terms of applications. Simultaneously, developments in label-free methods are opening a new window on molecular imaging at a low dose of illumination. The ability to encode and decode polarized light pixel by pixel, coupled with the computational strength provided by artificial intelligence, is the running perspective of label-free optical microscopy. More specifically, the information-rich content Mueller matrix microscopy through its 16 elements offers multimodal imaging, an original data set to be integrated with other advanced optical methods. This dilates the spectrum of possible and potential applications. Here, we explore the recent advances in basic and applied research towards technological applications tailored for specific questions in biophysics and biomedicine.

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