High Energy Density Aqueous Zinc–Chalcogen (S, Se, Te) Batteries: Recent Progress, Challenges, and Perspective

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Advanced Energy Materials


Zinc-ion batteries with chalcogen-based (S, Se, Te) cathodes have emerged as a promising candidate for utility-scale energy storage systems and portable electronics, which have attracted rapid attention and offer tremendous opportunities owing to their excellent energy density, on top of the advantages of aqueous Zn batteries including cost-effectiveness, inherent safety, and eco-friendliness. Here, a comprehensive overview on the basic mechanism of zinc–chalcogen batteries with their great advantages and intrinsic issues is provided. More detailed recent progress is summarized and the existing challenges with promising strategies are provided as well. First, four specific types of batteries are presented, including: zinc–sulfur, zinc–selenium, zinc–selenium sulfide, and zinc–tellurium batteries. Second, the remaining challenges within chalcogen-based cathodes in the material preparation, physicochemical properties, and battery performance are summarized and discussed. Meanwhile, a series of constructive strategies are comprehensively put forward for optimizing electrochemical performance. Finally, the future research perspectives of zinc–chalcogen batteries are proposed for the exploration and innovation of next-generation green zinc storage applications.

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National Natural Science Foundation of China



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