Ultrahigh Voltage Gain DC-DC Boost Converter with ZVS Switching Realization and Coupled Inductor Extendable Voltage Multiplier Cell Techniques

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IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics


In this paper, a novel ultrahigh voltage gain dc-dc boost converter with expandable diode-capacitor voltage multiplier (VM) cells is presented. The diode-capacitor VM cells and coupled inductors are employed in the presented topology to provide a higher voltage gain. Also, the main and the auxiliary power switches of the presented converter operate with zero voltage switching (ZVS). The coupled inductors' leakage inductances control the rates of the current drop in the voltage multiplier diodes, which decreases their reverse recovery losses markedly. Moreover, the voltage stresses on all capacitors and semiconductors are reduced significantly. In this converter, the number of voltage multiplier cells, and the coupled inductors turn ratios provide three degrees of design freedom. These degrees of freedom are used to set the desired voltage stresses of the semiconductors within the desired range and to provide a high voltage gain at optimum duty cycles. The design and theoretical analysis of the presented converter are discussed. Finally, the performance of the presented converter is validated using a 500 W, 40 V/380 V laboratory prototype converter, and the experimental results confirm the theoretical calculation.

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