Electronic Flat Band in Distorted Colouring Triangle Lattice

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Advanced Science


Dispersionless flat bands (FBs) in momentum space, given rise to electron destructive interference in frustrated lattices, offer opportunities to enhance electronic correlations and host exotic many-body phenomena, such as Wigner crystal, fractional quantum hall state, and superconductivity. Despite successes in theory, great challenges remain in experimentally realizing FBs in frustrated lattices due to thermodynamically structural instability. Here, the observation of electronic FB in a potassium distorted colouring triangle (DCT) lattice is reported, which is supported on a blue phosphorene-gold network. It is verified that the interaction between potassium and the underlayer dominates and stabilizes the frustrated structures. Two-dimensional electron gas is modulated by the DCT lattice, and in turn results in a FB dispersion due to destructive quantum interferences. The FB exhibits suppressed bandwidth with high density of states, which is directly observed by scanning tunneling microscopy and confirmed by the first-principles calculation. This work demonstrates that DCT lattice is a promising platform to study FB physics and explore exotic phenomena of correlation and topological matters.

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