Nanoengineering Liquid Metal Core–Shell Nanostructures

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Advanced Functional Materials


Nanoengineering the composition and morphology of functional nanoparticles endows them to perform multiple tasks and functions. An intriguing strategy for creating multifunctional nanomaterials involves the construction of core–shell nanostructures, which have enabled promising applications in biomedicine, energy, sensing, and catalysis. Here, a straightforward nanoengineering approach is presented utilizing liquid metal nanoparticles and galvanic replacement to create diverse core–shell nanostructures. Controlled nanostructures including liquid metal core-gold nanoparticle shell (LM@Au), gold nanoparticle core-gallium oxide shell (Au@Ga oxide), and hollow Ga oxide nanoparticles are successfully fabricated. Remarkably, these investigations reveal that LM@Au exhibits exceptional photothermal performance, achieving an impressive conversion efficiency of 65.9%, which is five times that of gold nanoparticles. By leveraging the high photothermal conversion efficiency and excellent biocompatibility of LM@Au, its promising application in hyperthermia cancer therapy is demonstrated. This simple yet powerful nanoengineering strategy opens new avenues for the controlled synthesis of complex core–shell nanostructures, advancing various fields beyond biomedicine.

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