An Overview of Lattice-based Signature and Its Variants Supporting Aggregation

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Journal of Cryptologic Research


As an important authentication technology, digital signature enables people to carry out convenient digital office in the digital information age. It is widely used in information security, identity authentication, data integrity, non-repudiation and so on. As the extensions of digital signature, multi-signature and aggregate signature integrate digital signature compression technology and batch processing technology, which greatly saves the consumption of storage space and transmission bandwidth. And they are widely used in blockchain bitcoin transactions, electronic voting, certificate chains authentication and so on. With the rapid development of quantum computers, the security of many traditional cryptosystems has been seriously threatened. Fortunately, lattice-based cryptography is a type of public-key cryptosystem that can withstand quantum computing attacks, because the hard problem on lattice is considered to be resistant to the attacks of quantum computers. Therefore, research on lattice-based digital signature schemes is an effective measure to make digital signatures resistant against quantum computing attacks. This paper mainly focuses on lattice-based digital signatures, including general digital signature, multi-signature and aggregate signature, introduces and analyzes the main research results in recent years. Finally, lattice-based signatures and their future research directions are summarized.

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