Electrically Interconnected Suspension and Related Technologies: A Comprehensive Review

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SAE International Journal of Vehicle Dynamics, Stability, and NVH


The electrically interconnected suspension (EIS) is a novel suspension system that has gained attention due to its potential to improve vehicle vibration control. This article provides a comprehensive review of EIS and related technologies. It starts with an overview of the research on hydraulic interconnected suspension (HIS) and its limitations. Then, it discusses the development of the electromagnetic suspension (EMS) and its advantages in adjusting mechanical characteristics. The article focuses on the electrical network and decoupling control characteristics of EIS, demonstrating the principle of synchronous decoupling control of multiple vibration modes. A comparison of the structure and control characteristics of EIS and HIS highlights the advantages of EIS in vehicle vibration control. The article concludes by identifying some unresolved issues and potential research areas to guide future studies on EIS, such as improving the controllability and energy efficiency of EIS systems.

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