Metabolomics in drug discovery: Restoring antibiotic pipeline

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Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine


Metabolomics has emerged as a valuable tool in drug discovery and development, providing new insights into the mechanisms of action and toxicity of potential therapeutic agents. Metabolomics focuses on the comprehensive analysis of primary as well as secondary metabolites, within biological systems. Metabolomics provides a comprehensive understanding of the metabolic changes that occur within microbial pathogens when exposed to therapeutic agents, thus allowing for the identification of unique metabolic targets that can be exploited for therapeutic intervention. This approach can also uncover key metabolic pathways essential for survival, which can serve as potential targets for novel antibiotics. By analyzing the metabolites produced by diverse microbial communities, metabolomics can guide the discovery of previously unexplored sources of antibiotics. This review explores some examples that enable medicinal chemists to optimize drug structure, enhancing efficacy and minimizing toxicity via metabolomic approaches.

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