A guide to digital forensic "theoretical to software-based investigations"

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Perspectives on Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing


A branch of forensic science called "digital forensics" deals with the utilization of digital data received, maintained, and conveyed by electronic devices as evidence in inquiries and legal proceedings. It is a growing field in computing that frequently necessitates the intelligent analysis of large amounts of complex data. Rapid advancements in computer science and information technology enable the development of novel techniques and software for digital investigations. Initially, much of the analysis software was unique and proprietary, but over time, specialised analysis software for both the private and governmental sectors became available. The aim of this chapter is to deliver a comprehensive overview of digital forensics phases, applications, merits, and demerits and widely used software of the domain. The chapter also discusses legitimate and legal considerations, followed by the scope and role of artificial intelligence for solving complex problems of digital forensics.

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