Just quit: A modern way to quit smoking

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Advanced Interdisciplinary Applications of Machine Learning Python Libraries for Data Science


One of the leading causes of early death nowadays is smoking. There are many applications available to assist individuals quit smoking, but many are inefficient as they require a lot of user involvement. These programs rely on the user to consistently track their smoking lapses and evaluate their success, which is quite unpleasant and demanding for the user. JustQuit is an application that has been developed for smokers who are motivated to quit. The application's goal is to assist users in effectively quitting smoking by automatically identifying their smoking behavior using a machine learning approach and lowering reliance on the user to monitor their progress. The application offers a novel approach to this issue by gathering data from wearable sensors and utilizing machine learning techniques to predict the user's smoking habit. The software will include elements like a points system, awards, and achievements based on the user's successes acting as a motivation factor.

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