Energy imparted and ionisation yield at the nanometre scale: results for extended beams

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Radiation Protection Dosimetry


The metrological problem of interpreting ionisation-based micro- and nanodosimetric measurements in terms of quantities proportional to energy imparted becomes particularly relevant when the sensitive volume (SV) size is in the nanometre range. At these scales, a constant W-value cannot be assumed, and the stochastics of the energy transfer per single collision could play a more important role. This problem was recently analysed by our group by means of track-structure Monte Carlo simulations with the Geant4-DNA code, finding a strong correlation between the energy imparted and ionisation yield also for SV diameters of 1 nm. As the previous study was limited to primary beams of radius zero crossing the sensitive sphere along its diameter, it is the aim of the present work to extend the analysis to beams with a radius larger than the dimensions of the SV, to better assess the role played by secondary electrons.

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