Research on airflow convergence patterns and air distribution characteristics under multi-column attachment ventilation

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Building and Environment


Multi-column attachment ventilation (M-CAV) is usually delivered to the occupied zone by floor-attached airflows in large spaces. However, after the floor-attached airflow converges, the original air distribution will change, which will have an important impact on the traditional air distribution design. In this paper, airflow convergence patterns and air distribution characteristics in the most common double-column and tri-column layouts are studied by experiments and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations. A 1:3 scaled-down model was established for velocity experiments and flow field visualization, and the results were used to verify and optimize the CFD model. The results indicated a seagull-like convergence flow pattern under the symmetric double-column layout. Under the axisymmetric layout with different column spacings, the floor-attached airflow in the half-open air outlet mode exhibited full convergence with the merging point (point MP) and combined point (point CP), partial convergence with point MP, and non-convergence without point MP and point CP. Under the centrosymmetric layout, an M-shaped velocity distribution was formed, and no airflow converged. For equal-velocity conditions, the dimensionless convergence axial velocity distributions for different air supply velocities was approximately consistent. In the fully-open air outlet mode, the floor-attached airflow could be divided into the collision-dominated region, the combined collision and convergence-dominated region, and the convergence-dominated region based on the forms of airflow interaction. For unequal-velocity conditions, the high-velocity airflow restricted the diffusion of the low-velocity airflow.

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