Axial strength of fibrous reactive powder concrete circular columns

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Case Studies in Construction Materials


In this paper, a formula is proposed to calculate the nominal axial strength (Po) of fibrous reactive powder concrete (RPC) columns reinforced with steel fibres of different geometries and volume contents. The formula takes into account the effects of concrete, longitudinal reinforcement, transverse constraints, geometry of steel fibres and their volume content. A comparison is made with existing formulations that consider only for concrete and steel reinforcement. The proposed formula has been verified and validated by the experimental results of different types of steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) columns in the literature. The results show that the current formulation considering only concrete and reinforcement significantly underestimatesPo of fibrous RPC columns. Furthermore, it is found that the proposed formula well predicts the nominal axial strength for fibrous RPC columns with an accuracy of 97–99%.

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