Sartre and analytic philosophy

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Sartre and Analytic Philosophy


This book explores the relevance of Sartre's work in various areas of contemporary philosophy, including the imagination, philosophy of language, scepticism, social ontology, logic, film, practical rationality, emotions, and psychoanalysis. Unlike other collections focused on Sartre, this book is not intended as a book of Sartre scholarship or interpretation. The volume's contributors, trained in analytic philosophy, engage with Sartre's work in new refreshing ways, which does not require seeing him as primarily belonging to the continental philosophical traditions of phenomenology or existentialism. Instead, this book aims to make available and fruitfully explore the unheralded insights of Sartre, to creatively re-appropriate or rationally reconstruct certain fruitful ideas or approaches of Sartre and confront them with or make them available to contemporary philosophy in general. Sartre thereby emerges from this book as a versatile philosopher with a stake in a large variety of philosophical concerns. Sartre and Analytic Philosophy will appeal to Sartre scholars who are interested in his relevance to contemporary philosophical debates, as well as philosophers who are interested in exploring new ways of doing philosophy, which are neither stereotypically "analytic" nor "continental".

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