Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Dilute Bubbly Flow Field with Light-Field Images Based on Deep Learning Method

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IEEE Sensors Journal


The three-dimensional reconstruction of bubble flow field is of great significance to study the motion of gas-liquid two phase flow. Combined with the abundant information of bubbles in the light field images, a fast and accurate 3D reconstruction method for dilute bubbly flow based on the deep learning algorithm DIF-LeNet (Double Information Fusion with LeNet5 net) is proposed in this work. The calibration method and bubble segmentation algorithm of light field image for data processing is detailed. DIF-LeNet realizes the fusion of different dimension data and regression prediction. By DIF-LeNet, bubble depth could be predicted by fusing the refocused bubble image with the focal distance of the refocused image. Then, the three-dimensional bubble field could be reconstructed with the bubble depth, bubble center and bubble diameter. Comparing with the reconstruction method based on statistics and LeNet5, the reconstruction accuracy and speed of the proposed method based on DIF-LeNet are improved. Especially for the bubble without focused image in the refocused image sequence, the effect of 3D reconstruction based on DIF-LeNet is much prominent.

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