A Blockchain-based Multi-Users Oblivious Data Sharing Scheme for Digital Twin System in Industrial Internet of Things

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IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications


Digital twin (DT) constructs virtual counterparts of physical devices to monitor and optimize their life cycle processes. With the emergence of industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has became the backbone of the DT by providing a fundamental way to transform physical devices to their virtual counterparts. With the deployment of IIoT, built-in sensors enable real-time collection of critical DT data involving various physical parameters associated with devices during their life cycle. However, traditional data sharing services rely on a centralized infrastructure, which inevitably brings severe security threats to share large volume of sensitive DT data derived from numerous sensors. To address the above issue, this paper presents a blockchain based Multi-users Oblivious Data Sharing scheme (MODS) for the digital twin system in the context of IIoT. MODS supports a broad range of security properties including confidentiality, obliviousness, and access control for the DT data stored on the blockchain. MODS adopts a hybrid design approach by combing trusted hardware and cryptography to achieve well balances between security and efficiency. To demonstrate the design advantages of MODS, we explore the design space of a multi-users oblivious data sharing scheme by using pure cryptographic approach, which incurs several design tradeoffs that must be addressed. We show that MODS performs well in these tradeoffs. A comprehensive evaluation has been conducted to demonstrate that MODS is practical to support secure data sharing via blockchain for IIoT.

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