Management of Harmonic Distortion for Large Renewable Energy Generation

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2022 32nd Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference, AUPEC 2022


Power system harmonic distortion continues to be an area of concern for both network service providers (NSPs) and connected customers. As a general principle, NSPs are responsible for managing harmonic voltage distortion within bounds that ensure safe and reliable operation of equipment connected to electricity supply networks. One of the methods used by NSPs to manage voltage distortion is to allocate emission limits to large customers (loads and generators). Under this management philosophy it is then the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their plant does not exceed the allocated emission limit. There is considerable evidence to suggest that the existing methodologies used by NSPs to maintain appropriate harmonic distortion levels are not fit for purpose, difficult to implement and/or may result in inefficient use of the capability of the power system to absorb some level of harmonic distortion. This paper provides an overview of the Impact and Management of Harmonic Distortion for Large Renewable Generators project, led by the University of Wollongong and supported by ARENA. The project focussed on reviewing existing practices and identifying possible improvements and areas where efficiencies may be gained.

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