Safeguarding the Guardians to Safeguard the Bio-economy and Mitigate Social Injustices

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Cyberbiosecurity: A New Field to Deal with Emerging Threats


Cyberbiosecurity (CBS) is essential to humanity due to dangers arising from digitalization of information, processes, and materials of various branches of biology. Humans are threatened by intensifying potential for malicious destruction, misuse, and exploitation of our biological data and information. As society seeks to identify and mitigate CBS risks, we must also work to ensure the absence of avoidable or rectifiable disparities among groups of people, whether those groups are defined socially, economically, demographically/psychographically, or geographically. In this chapter, we identified behaviorally, currently recognized risks at the demographically/psychographically, or interface of the life sciences and the digital world that lead to a failure “to protect opportunity or capability of people to function as free and equal citizens.” We then identify and explore the more imperceptible uses of technology relative to the life sciences that negatively impact freedom and equity for humans. We considered these technologies against the backdrop of such social justice principles as inequality of outcomes, inequality of process, and inequality of autonomy.

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