Territory, affective intensities, and how alcohol comes to matter

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Dialogues in Human Geography


In response to Jayne and Valentine's (2023) article, we build on their arguments that, like alcohol studies, many more-than-representational geographical accounts of alcohol consumption rely on a priori assumptions, ‘expressions’, and ‘facts’. To do so, we embrace their critique that our previous work fails to fully interrogate how alcohol consumption ‘transforms’, ‘shapes’, and ‘mediates’ emotions and effects. In revisiting our interpretation, we draw on Deleuze and Guattari's concept of territory to employ the interpretative strategies outlined by Jayne and Valentine of de-determination and how unfolding moments of socio-material relationships shape the affective capacity of bodies to act and sense. We illustrate how the concept of territory presents a productive analytical framework for alcohol, drinking, and drunkenness.

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