Advanced IoT Pressure Monitoring System for Real-Time Landfill Gas Management

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This research presents a novel stand-alone device for the autonomous measurement of gas pressure levels on an active landfill site, which enables the real-time monitoring of gas dynamics and supports the early detection of critical events. The developed device employs advanced sensing technologies and wireless communication capabilities, enabling remote data transmission and access via the Internet. Through extensive field experiments, we demonstrate the high sampling rate of the device and its ability to detect significant events related to gas generation dynamics in landfills, such as flare shutdowns or blockages that could lead to hazardous conditions. The validation of the device’s performance against a high-end analytical system provides further evidence of its reliability and accuracy. The developed technology herein offers a cost-effective and scalable solution for environmental landfill gas monitoring and management. We expect that this research will contribute to the advancement of environmental monitoring technologies and facilitate better decision-making processes for sustainable waste management.

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