Omega and CTOA for dynamic steady-state fracture propagation and their dependency to fracture speed

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Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics


Dynamic ductile fracture in pressure vessels is an increasingly important topic. Recent catastrophic pressurised pipeline failures highlighted the critical needs of reliable pipeline infrastructures. The ability for line pipe steels to resist fracture is a critical design factor for governing the severity level of fracture failures given that it determines if fracture propagates for several kilometres or is arrested quickly. Developing a reliable fracture toughness test to systematically evaluate new steel products’ quality is therefore important. In the current work, a novel small-scale fracture toughness parameter Omega was implemented and compared to the well-established parameter CTOA, with respect to their performance of characterizing steady-state fracture propagation and their dependencies to Fracture Speed. The current experimental data were collected from a 3-point bend dynamic Drop Weight Tear Test (DWTT) for 9 line pipe steels with different thicknesses and impact conditions. It was found that the Omega gives significantly better description for steady-state fracture propagation; and it is found to be independent of the Fracture Speed. The current study confirmed that in DWTT, CTOA values decrease with increasing Fracture Speed. Finally, a simple analytical model is proposed to describe this dependency (CTOA-Fracture Speed) from a geometrical standpoint.

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