An Experimental Investigation on the Lubrication Performance of Water-Based Nanolubricant With TiO2 as Nanoadditive

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Tribology Transactions


In this work, an experimental investigation on the lubrication performance of water-based nanolubricant with TiO2 as nanoadditives was performed. The nanolubricants show excellent dispersibility and stability within 5 days after preparation. Additionally, the results show that the concentration of TiO2 nanoparticles significantly affects the lubrication performance of the prepared nanolubricant during microrolling. The excessive nanoparticles lead to agglomeration at the contact area, while the limited nanoparticles can hardly work during rolling processes. Instead, for a nanolubricant with 3.0 wt% of TiO2 nanoparticles, the nanolubricant is able to feed abundant nanoparticles continuously to the rubbing zone with little agglomeration, improving the surface quality of copper foils during microrolling.

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