Anchorage performance of large-diameter FRP bolts and their application in large deformation roadway

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International Journal of Mining Science and Technology


In underground coal mines, fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) bolt is ideal for mined rib reinforcements as it can prevent gas explosions caused by shearer frictional spark. With increasing mining depth, small diameter FRP bolts used in shallow underground mining cannot fulfil the rib support requirements. Under the engineering background of deep underground shortwall mining in Wudong coal mine, this paper systematically studies Φ27 mm FRP bolt support for large deformation coal rib. Specimens with a fan-shaped cross-section were used to enable the tensile testing of the bolt rod, the measured average tensile strength of the studied FRP bolt was (486.1 ± 9.6) MPa with a maximum elongation of 5.7 % ± 0.6 %. The shear strength of the bolt was measured as approximately 258 MPa using a self-made double shear testing apparatus. Based on the equivalent radial stiffness principle, a laboratory short encapsulation pullout test (SEPT) method for rib bolting has been developed undertaken consideration of the mechanical properties of the coal seam. Results showed that the average peak anchorage forces of the Φ27 mm FRP bolt and Φ20 mm steel rebar bolt were 108.4 and 66.4 kN, respectively, which were agreed with the theoretical calculations and field measurements. Based on theoretical analysis of the loading states of the bolt under site conditions, bolting method of full-length resin grouting was adopted to offset the weaknesses of the FRP bolt. Numerical method was employed to compare the bolting effect using Φ27 mm FRP bolts and steel rebar bolts. Large diameter FRP bolting was determined as the optimum rib support scheme to increase the productivity of the coal mine and to enhance the ground control capability for +425 level mining roadways. This study provides the laboratory testing design and theoretical prediction of large diameter FRP bolts used for rib support in large deformation roadways.

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