Academic Women Co-designing Education Futures in a Postdigital World

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Postdigital Science and Education


This paper draws on the collective knowledge-building of nine women from diverse disciplines, roles, cultures, and institutions in Australasian women in leadership programme. Brought together during Covid-19 through a shared interest and purpose concerning current and future developments in digital education, we offer knowledge and insight from our perspective as women leaders in academia, on co-designing futures in a postdigital world. Drawing on a duoethnographic research design, we reflected on our experiences as academic leaders and practitioners to systematically explore people, situations, and contexts through co-construction and dialogue. Our joint exploration uncovered themes of visibility, gravitas, and relationships. We provide evidence of the role co-design plays in our own practices, in our classrooms, and how our research design was strengthened through co-design. Finally, we offer an evolving model of co-design for leadership in higher education with communities of practice at its core.

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