The Wise Leader: A Practical Guide for Thinking Differently About Leadership

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The Wise Leader: a Practical Guide for Thinking Differently about Leadership


The Wise Leader offers readers a succinct perspective on wise leadership based on theory, practice, and the authors’ own experience. The five sections of the book describe the Wise Leader model, five mantras that distil the essence of wisdom for leading. Each section has a theoretical component, theory that the authors seek to bring to life through everyday examples, followed by practical ideas and guidance as to what you can next do in service of becoming a wiser, more effective leader. Each mantra then includes fresh perspectives for leadership development, aimed at supporting organisations globally to maximize their considerable investment in this critical area. This book is written for leaders at every level of an organization, providing a perspective of wise leadership that lends itself to practical application. It can also be used by leadership development professionals, offering guidance on how to build practical programs to cultivate enhanced levels of wise leadership in your organization.

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