The Role of Social Media Usage, E-WOM, and Perceived Enjoyment in Shaping Customer Attitudes and Blockchain Adoption Loyalty in UAE Banking: A Quantitative Investigation

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2023 International Conference on Intelligent Computing, Communication, Networking and Services, ICCNS 2023


Technology is shaping the banking sector around the globe. Therefore, the prime objective of this research was to examine the relationship among social media use, e-WoM, perceived enjoyment and customer's attitude towards loyalty to the use of Blockchain technology in the context of U.A.E. banks. This study used a cross-sectional research design and quantitative methods for data collection. Five-point Likert scale was used to develop the well-designed questionnaire for data collection. A simple random sampling technique was adopted to distribute the questionnaire among respondents. A sample of one hundred seventy-four observations was analyzed using Smart PLS 3.3.9. The findings confirmed the significant and direct effect of social media use, e-WoM, and perceived enjoyment on customers' attitudes. The direct effect of customer attitude on Blockchain adoption was also supported. The findings also revealed the important mediating role of customer attitude as well. The findings are helpful for policymakers and academicians.

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