Harnessing IoT, E-Business, and Digital Marketing for Enhancing User Satisfaction and Performance in UAE's Hotel Industry: An Empirical Study

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2023 International Conference on Intelligent Computing, Communication, Networking and Services, ICCNS 2023


The hotel industry in UAE is one of the major source of revenue, competition among the hotels is mounting every day. Therefore, the top management of these hotels needs to identify the factors to improve their performance. This study aims to analyze the effect of IoT, E-business strategy, digital marketing and performance through user satisfaction. The quantitative research was conducted by distributing questionnaires among the customers of different hotels of UAE. The sampling technique adopted in this study was purposive sampling. The usable questionnaires used for analysis were 212. The study adopted the SEM technique and PLS tool for analysis. The results indicate that digital marketing, IoT, and e-business strategy significantly impact the user satisfaction. User's satisfaction is an important predictor of the performance of hotels. These findings can be valuable for decision-makers in the UAE hotel industry.

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