Nutritional and Dietary Management of Chronic Kidney Disease Under Conservative and Preservative Kidney Care Without Dialysis

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Journal of Renal Nutrition


While dialysis has been the prevailing treatment paradigm for patients with advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD), emphasis on conservative and preservative management in which dietary interventions are a major cornerstone have emerged. Based on high-quality evidence, international guidelines support the utilization of low-protein diets as an intervention to reduce CKD progression and mortality risk, although the precise thresholds (if any) for dietary protein intake vary across recommendations. There is also increasing evidence demonstrating that plant-dominant low-protein diets reduce the risk of developing incident CKD, CKD progression, and its related complications including cardiometabolic disease, metabolic acidosis, mineral and bone disorders, and uremic toxin generation. In this review, we discuss the premise for conservative and preservative dietary interventions, specific dietary approaches used in conservative and preservative care, potential benefits of a plant-dominant low-protein diet, and practical implementation of these nutritional strategies without dialysis.

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