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The 2022 Australian and New Zealand Communications Association (ANZCA) conference was held in November at the University of Wollongong. Over 4 days the conference showcased new directions for research focusing on fundamental changes occurring across the broad sectors of communication, journalism, digital health, and digital media. This included burgeoning research and methodological frameworks in public and health communication, civic participation, and community building. The conference focused on the specific theme of “Communicating through Chaos: Connection, Disruption, Community,” which garnered much interest within the ANZCA community. Due to the apparent wane of the pandemic, we were finally able to hold an in-person conference again after 2 years of gathering virtually amid Covid-19 lockdowns and travel and social restrictions. As such, the event attracted more than 550 participants representing 16 countries, who contributed to more than 200 conference presentations and panels.

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