Transient Magnetoelectric Coupling Induced by the Dynamic Intertwinement between Exchange Striction and Compensation in GdFeO3

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Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters


In this study, we investigate the dynamic magnetoelectric (ME) coupling behaviors of GdFeO3 under pulsed magnetic fields. When a magnetic field is applied along the c-axis, and the temperature is near the compensation temperature (Tcomp = 3.5 K), we observe a subtle transition involving the reversal of Fe3+ moments at approximately 0.8 T in magnetization (M) measurements. This transition induces a corresponding jump in electrical polarization (P), which is not present in the static field measurements. The dynamic intertwining between M and P signifies a competition between antiferromagnetic (AFM) coupling between Gd3+ and Fe3+ moments and their Zeeman energies. The robust AFM coupling leads to the reversal of Fe3+ moments near Tcomp, triggering the abrupt change in P. Based on the exchange striction mechanism in the ferrimagnetic GdFeO3, we propose the possibility of achieving highly magnetic field sensitive ME coupling near the compensation temperature in ferrimagnetic multiferroic orthoferrites.

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