Development methodologies for the internet of things: For all commercial and industrial needs

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Recent Trends and Best Practices in Industry 4.0


The chapter majorly focuses on the system development methodologies of internet of things (IoT). A detailed literature survey is presented for the discussion of various challenges in the development of software, design, and deployment of hardware. Due to the increase in demand for electronic gadgets and internet connectivity, the security threats are also increasing day by day. Therefore, the demand of advanced development methodologies is also increasing day by day for high-quality and secure software products. The chapter discusses the development methodologies for different IoT applications. The methodologies are analyzed for two different parameters-physical infrastructure and emerging technologies. Security is a vital aspect of software quality, especially in this day and age, as the majority of software are distributed over the internet. Furthermore, as sensors deal with data, the security concerns for IoT are substantially greater than for traditional system techniques. Software development techniques are intended to increase software quality by incorporating actions that encourage quality in the final product. Individual developers are typically overlooked in most studies on producing high-quality and safe software. In this chapter, we analyze the secure-software development methodology for different IoT applications. The conclusion has provided the study an overall analysis and evaluation of the research.

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