Developing a MySQL Database for the Provenance of Black Tiger Prawns (Penaeus monodon)

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As the demand for seafood increases, so does the incidence of seafood fraud. Confirming provenance of seafood is important to combat fraudulent labelling but requires a database that contains the isotopic and elemental “fingerprints” of authentic seafood samples. Local isotopic and elemental databases can be scaled up or combined with other databases to increase the spatial and species coverage to create a larger database. This study showcases the use of isotopic and elemental fingerprints of the black tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon) to develop a database that can be used to securely store the data necessary for determining provenance. The utility of this database was tested through querying and building seven different datasets that were used to develop models to determine the provenance of P. monodon. The models built using the data retrieved from the database demonstrated that the provenance of P. monodon could be determined with >80% accuracy. As the database was developed using MySQL, it can be scaled up to include additional regions, species, or methodologies depending on the needs of the users. Combining the database with methods of determining provenance will provide regulatory bodies and the seafood industry with another provenance tool to combat fraudulent seafood labelling.

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