Advancing full-field metrology: rapid 3D imaging with geometric phase ferroelectric liquid crystal technology in full-field optical coherence microscopy

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Biomedical Optics Express


Optical coherence microscopy (OCM) is a variant of OCT in which a high-numerical aperture lens is used. Full-field OCM (FF-OCM) is an emerging non-invasive, label-free, interferometric technique for imaging of surface structures or semi-transparent biomedical subjects with micron-scale resolutions. Different approaches to three dimensional full-field optical metrology are reviewed. The usual method for the phase-shifting technique in FF-OCM involves mechanically moving a mirror to change the optical path difference for obtaining en-face OCM images. However, with the use of a broadband source in FF-OCM, the phase shifts of different spectral components are not the same, resulting in the ambiguities in 3D image reconstruction. In this study, we demonstrate, by imaging tissues and cells, a unique geometric phase-shifter based on ferroelectric liquid crystal technology, to realize achromatic phase-shifting for rapid three-dimensional imaging in a FF-OCM system.

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