Stretchable polymer composites with ultrahigh piezoelectric performance

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National Science Review


Flexible piezoelectric materials capable of withstanding large deformation play key roles in flexible electronics. Ferroelectric ceramics with a high piezoelectric coefficient are inherently brittle, whereas polar polymers exhibit a low piezoelectric coefficient. Here we report a highly stretchable/compressible piezoelectric composite composed of ferroelectric ceramic skeleton, elastomer matrix and relaxor ferroelectric-based hybrid at the ceramic/matrix interface as dielectric transition layers, exhibiting a giant piezoelectric coefficient of 250 picometers per volt, high electromechanical coupling factor keff of 65%, ultralow acoustic impedance of 3MRyl and high cyclic stability under 50% compression strain. The superior flexibility and piezoelectric properties are attributed to the electric polarization and mechanical load transfer paths formed by the ceramic skeleton, and dielectric mismatch mitigation between ceramic fillers and elastomer matrix by the dielectric transition layer. The synergistic fusion of ultrahigh piezoelectric properties and superior flexibility in these polymer composites is expected to drive emerging applications in flexible smart electronics.

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National Natural Science Foundation of China



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