Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Advancement of Breast Surgery and Implications for Breast Reconstruction: A Narrative Review

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Journal of Clinical Medicine


Background: Breast reconstruction is a pivotal part of the recuperation process following a mastectomy and aims to restore both the physical aesthetic and emotional well-being of breast cancer survivors. In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a revolutionary technology across numerous medical disciplines. This narrative review of the current literature and evidence analysis explores the role of AI in the domain of breast reconstruction, outlining its potential to refine surgical procedures, enhance outcomes, and streamline decision making. Methods: A systematic search on Medline (via PubMed), Cochrane Library, Web of Science, Google Scholar, Clinical Trials, and Embase databases from January 1901 to June 2023 was conducted. Results: By meticulously evaluating a selection of recent studies and engaging with inherent challenges and prospective trajectories, this review spotlights the promising role AI plays in advancing the techniques of breast reconstruction. However, issues concerning data quality, privacy, and ethical considerations pose hurdles to the seamless integration of AI in the medical field. Conclusion: The future research agenda comprises dataset standardization, AI algorithm refinement, and the implementation of prospective clinical trials and fosters cross-disciplinary partnerships. The fusion of AI with other emergent technologies like augmented reality and 3D printing could further propel progress in breast surgery.

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