Mining security assessment in an underground environment using a novel face recognition method with improved multiscale neural network

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Alexandria Engineering Journal


Overstaffing production in underground coal mining is not convenient for daily management, and incomplete information of coal miners hinders the rescue process of firefighters during mine accidents. To address this safety sustainability issue, a novel face recognition method based on an improved multiscale neural network is proposed in this paper. A new depthwise separable (DS)-inception block is designed and a joint supervised loss function based on center loss theory is developed to construct a new multiscale model. The miniers can be recognized in the harsh underground environment during the life rescue. Experimental results show that the accuracy, recall and F1-score indexes of the proposed method for the miner face recognition in the underground mining environment are 97.26%, 94.17% and 95.42%, respectively. Transfer model with joint supervised loss can effectively improve the recognition accuracy by about 0.5–1.5%. In addition, the average recognition accuracy of the proposed face recognition method achieves to 91.34% and the miss detection rate is less than 5% in the dugout tunnel of coal mine.

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