Advanced Encoderless Control System-based Split-Source Inverter for Induction Motor Drives

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2023 IEEE IAS Global Conference on Emerging Technologies, GlobConET 2023


The purpose of this study is to construct a sensorless vector control system for an induction motor (IM) with a promising split-source inverter (SSI) arrangement, along with an effective speed estimation approach. Indirect Magnetic Field Orientation Scheme (IRFOC) is a simplified approach that will be presented for monitoring the rotor speed signal based on the relation of phase-axis for the motor. Extensive analysis to assure the observability of the suggested split-source inverter-based sensorless control system is carried out, and it is supported by results from typical functional tests and parameter modifications. In comparison to the sensorless vector control approach, the results demonstrate the efficacy of the suggested speed estimation method as well as the observability and robustness of the implemented system.

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