Critical Analysis of Published Physical Property Data for Aqueous Potassium Hydroxide. Collation into Detailed Models for Alkaline Electrolysis

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Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data


Physical properties of aqueous KOH solutions are crucial to the design and operation of alkaline electrolyzers but have been scarcely and sometimes unreliably reported. Obtaining published data for various properties currently requires time-consuming searches and subsequent interpretation, interpolation, and extrapolation. This work collates and critically analyzes published data for a range of physical properties relevant to alkaline electrolysis, including the density, viscosity, conductivity, surface tension, oxygen/hydrogen solubility, oxygen/hydrogen diffusivity, and water vapor pressures of aqueous KOH solutions, as a function of temperature, KOH molarity, and pressure. Correlation functions, in the form of excel spreadsheets, have been developed to allow interpolation of the most reliable data and computation of desired quantities at specific temperatures, pressures, and KOH concentrations. Composite models incorporating these properties have been developed for automated computation of (i) diffusive gas crossover and (ii) gas production volumes, including (iii) water vapor content, and associated (iv) dissolved gas concentrations in the liquid electrolyte, as a function of KOH concentration, temperature, pressure, current density, and separator thickness and porosity. These spreadsheets are provided in the Supporting Information, as tools and reference points for researchers and practitioners in alkaline electrolysis.

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